Chapel Lane Fly Fishing Club

Important Information

The Fishery is now closed to new members please submit an application for
consideration for the 2014 season.

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*       Fly Fishing only 

* No brown trout to be taken

Any member caught killing brown trout will be asked to leave the fishery.

*       Rod licence to be purchased before you can fish 

*       Adequate third party liability insurance must be obtained prior to fishing

      *       Access to Sawmill must be through the steel 5 bar gate-ONLY 

*       No fishing past the post on Sawmill 

*       No dogs to be taken on the fishery

 The above rules are Sir Edward’s and must be observed at all times 

*       Max. Limit 2 fish per week to be taken   

*       Max. Of 1 fish per week to be taken from Sawmill.  

*       Catch and release is acceptable all season with only 2 fish released on Sawmill per Day 

*       A week this year is Sunday to Sunday for the purpose of the bag limit 

*       Max. fly size 1 inch dressed length 

*       Single guests per member to fish with their own rod, any fish taken by the guest will form part of the members bag limit for that week . 

*       Members may take a guest at any time but must give way to members if fishery is busy, they must also
 either e-mail or text Stephen or Grant prior to fishing.

       Anyone caught poaching will be requested to leave and any trout caught to be expropriated. Members are asked to call the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60, this number which is on your rod licence. Please try to obtain their name and address, and if a confrontation occurs call the police.

*       In the event of any queries concerning the above please contact Stephen or Grant

 Good luck tight lines


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